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At some point, you may be in need of extra storage. Whether you're transitioning between locations or you've acquired new belongings you simply don't have room for, let us solve your problem with our mini-storage facility. Beyond our traditional flooring and custom materials, we offer a range of mini storage units that are safe and secure. You can rest easy when you store your belongings with us knowing they are in good hands with GC Flooring & More.

Mini Storage Units

Storage Units Available
to fit your storage needs!

We offer a full range of mini-storage units in every size you may need. Not sure how much storage you require? Take a look below to get an idea of what each unit size can hold. For more details, call us today at (601) 394-4600.

5x10- $35

Ideal for those with a one-bedroom apartment, our 5x10 storage units can hold a bed, dressers, appliances, boxes, and a few other miscellaneous items.


10x10 storage units are about half the size of a one-car garage and can hold a variety of furniture items, boxes, and appliances.


10x20 storage units are very spacious and can hold the contents of an entire family complete with multiple bedroom sets, living room furniture, boxes, and appliances.


You won't have any issues fitting your belongings in a 10x30 unit. These are large enough for a spacious home's furniture, appliances, boxes... you can even fit a vehicle in there!

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